Brighton NightWriters

Latest info:  


242 Queens Park Rd, Brighton BN2 9ZB,  in the back room.

For more details email Tim on or phone 01273 505642 
or just turn up.

   ** Buses 18, 21, 21A, 23  stop at the pub **


BRIGHTON NIGHTWRITERS is a creative writing group that meets once a week to read and discuss members’ work in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.  We have been meeting continuously since 1988.

Night Bus to Speakers Corner, our latest anthology, is out there and selling!  Take an e-trip to Amazon to have a peek and even (why not?) buy your own copy.  Or, better, email me ( to buy it for only £5 (no p&p). 

Some members are published, some just write for pleasure and some are new to creative writing. Not everyone attends every week, but – whatever our age or walk of life – we all enjoy sharing our stories, poetry and plays with others.

Thanks to everyone who attended Words and Images at Speaker’s Corner on Thursday 26th September 2019 – a stimulating, thought-provoking evening of creative writing followed by readings.  And how varied those readings were!  Special thanks of course to Alanna for organising the event – she says “a big thank you for … making the event a vibrant night … When I have had a breather I hope to arrange another night. The format may alter depending on the photographer.” 


2 thoughts on “Brighton NightWriters

  1. Dearest Brighton Night Writers..
    I have been lazily meaning to come and say hello to you all, missing my chance when you were nearer at the top of the hill!
    Thinking you were at the Lord Nelson,
    I see you are now with the Old Duke!!!
    I do night nursing and sitting in long corridors
    waiting for bells to ring, has inspired me to pick up my wanderings and meanderings with the written word, to amuse myself and hopefully in the future to just make others smile!
    Hoping it would be alright to sit quietly in a corner somewhere with you, one Wednesday
    evening, because you sound like a lovely group.
    And it would be really nice to meet you all!
    Stephanie Wallace. Tel. 0790 197 4583.


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