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 Books written by members of Nightwriters but published independently 


My Sister’s Song by Rosemary Allix

Wise and inspirational, the Abbess is respected by those she leads. But there is dark secret in her past which will stir up jealousy, reveal powerful enemies and shake the tight knit community of the Abbey apart. With many twists and turns the true situation is revealed and more than one family feud needs to be confronted, along with some hard choices concerning the true meaning of love. Published by Hanover Books.     Read the Introduction      Read an Extract                      Buy the Paperback   Download to your Kindle for just 99p

Sin EatersThe Sin Eaters by Gwyneth Edwards

The Sin Eaters is a haunting collection of twelve short stories – with a supernatural theme – set in present day Wales. The majority of the stories are based in towns and villages that lie on the Heart of Wales Line as it runs from Swansea to Shrewsbury. In the title story – The Sin Eaters – a young woman, Sarah Vaughan, travels from London to settle in a small Welsh village and begin a new life as an artist. Soon after she moves into her cottage she experiences disturbing dreams about tragic events that happened long ago. With the help of a local wisewoman she is able to discover what happened and lay the ghosts of the past to rest.

A book of short stories to download for your Kindle price £2.99. Order from Amazon.

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