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25th April 2019 :



19th November 2015 :
The Launch of NIGHT FLIGHTS took place at the Redroaster in St. James St., where over 30 of us came together for an evening of readings, music, chat and of course book buying !   If you missed the occasion but would still like to buy your own copy – or some very presentable Xmas presents! – just turn up at a regular NightWriters meeting where Night Flights will be on sale at a generously discounted price.



“It was a different evening to what I expected!  Far more imaginative and engrossing –wonderful performances by all.”   

Rethreading My Life by Alanna McIntyre was launched at the Redroaster Coffee House on 2nd October 2014

Jo Merriman and Alanna read extracts from the book, interspersed with Alanna’s movement underlying the stages of grief while Ben Blake accompanied her with improvised music.  He also played guitar and sang songs in between excerpts. The evening ended with the audience joining in singing “Imagine” which was the song Alanna’s husband requested at a singles club where they first met.

“Exhilarating – inspiring – you give hope to all –“

“What a truly wonderful evening. So inspirational. Emotional. I was blown away.”

“A beautiful and inspiring evening.  We thank you very much for being brave enough to share.”

Copies of “Rethreading my Life” can be bought in Brighton at £5.00 a copy at the Whitehawk Inn, Gallery Studio, 73 St James’s Street, City Books, Western Road and on line at £6 +p&p from and

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