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Night Flights

Brighton NightWriters latest 2015 anthology of members’ work.

Price: £4.50 (at meetings, or from Tim Shelton-Jones 01273 505642);
or can be ordered from Amazon.



Rethreading front cover, smallRethreading My Life by Alanna McIntyre

An honest and brave account of her husband’s suicide and how Alanna found healing through creativity, being grounded in her garden, and devising a morning routine which focused her for each day. Alanna’s story tells how, by accepting and acknowledging her grief, she has been able to move on.

Alanna fund raises for The Whitehawk Inn, a Community Centre for learning where she has done many courses and where most of the book was typed up. All profits from “Rethreading My Life.” will be donated to the Whitehawk Inn 

Copies can be bought for £5 at NightWriters meetings, or at the Whitehawk Inn open Monday to Thursday 9 am to 5 p.m. during term time. Also at Gallery Studio, 73 St James’s Street, Brighton, where Alanna has her pottery for sale. Or at City Books Western Road. or online from or Amazon.

Monkey Cover (small)Monkey On My Roof by Marita Wild

A chance meeting on a train, a jocular remark, a husband’s infidelities… This is a travel book with a difference. It’s about compassion and hope – a vivid adventure filled with warmth, humour, poignancy and occasional sexual frankness. It tells the story of Sally, Ailsa, Mark and Stephan and the love that links them. Sally, traveling alone in India to escape an unhappy marriage, encounters the young Ailsa who is suffering from a life-threatening illness, and they travel together for a time. Then Sally encounters Stephan: remarkably, she keeps meeting him on her travels … Through her journey and the people she meets, Sally comes to realise that her marriage to Mark is a charade; and, slowly, she begins to understand her purpose in life.
Price: £5, at meetings or from Amazon or contact Tim on 01273 505642.

HUSBANDS FINAL cover SHRUNK jpgA Gallery of Husbands by Oliver Andrew

Here at last, in a single volume, Oliver Andrew presents us with the full range of his brave and witty poetry. Whether teetering on love’s edges or calling to us from the heart of the maelstrom, here is work teeming with wry observation. And at a time when poetry is so often marred by a self-conscious, look-at-me sense of its own cleverness, these poems stimulate and excite with their seemingly effortless command of the English language – its wealth of inflections, its rhythms and metaphor, and of course its vocabulary.

Why have we waited so long for this first book? Perhaps the answer is in the rich trawl of life’s experience it offers, impossible in an early work. In any case, we now have the chance to enjoy at leisure the musings of a considerable poet whose work has hitherto lain scattered throughout the poetic literature, in magazines such as Envoi, Iota, Orbis and Pennine Platform.
Price: £3 at meetings, or contact Tim on 01273 505642; or from Amazon.

Shorelines 3Shorelines 3

Brighton NightWriters 2013 anthology of members’ work.

Price: £3.50 (at meetings, or from Tim Shelton-Jones 01273 505642); or can be ordered from Amazon



Shorelines 21010_1

Shorelines 2010

A collection of short fiction and poetry from Brighton NightWriters.

ISBN 0954429982. Can be ordered from Amazon. Price: £4.99





The first ‘Shorelines’  – an anthology of short fiction and poetry from Brighton NightWriters.

Price: £4.50 (at meetings, or from Tim Shelton-Jones 01273 505642); or can be ordered from Amazon



All That Jazz cover

Brighton And All That Jazz

The success of their first anthology which featured on a Channel 4’s ‘Watercolour Challenge’ led to the second short story and poetry anthology to be published, in conjunction with the Brighton Festival, by the eclectic group of local writers – Brighton NightWriters. Price: £4.99. Can be ordered from Tim Shelton-Jones 01273 505642.

shades of Brighton cover

Shades of Brighton

The third short story and poetry anthology by Brighton NightWriters. An anthology filled with stories and poems to entertain, soothe, intrigue and touch you by turn. Those writers that you already know you can greet as old friends and for those that you have never met before, a pleasure awaits you. ISBN 0-9544299-1-5. Can be ordered from Tim Shelton-Jones 01273 505642. Price: £4.99

Shadows cover

Shadows Before

Stella Yorke leads a quiet, comfortable life as a psychotherapist in London. But one day an unexpected phone call threatens to tear aside this carefully constructed order and cast Stella back to the days of her tumultuous youth in rural Ireland.

Noreen Brown’s first novel is a passionate distillation of what it means to face ones own conflicts and contradictions – and it’s the first of our new imprint, NightWriters Editions, designed to do justice to some very talented local writers and bring their work to the attention of a wider readership.

ISBN 1907897003. Can be ordered from Amazon. Price: £4.99

Crows_coverA Feeling For Crows by Liz Jalla

The soulful journal of Edith’s flight from self-imposed limitation. Compelled by her need for physical and spiritual liberation, Edith finds herself, at moments of crisis, inspired by the freedom of birds. Along the way we meet Peter and his girlfriend Rosie, whose developing relationship prepares the ground for the transformation that will change Edith’s outlook forever. And when Rosie’s best friend Irena marries Peter’s friend, fun-loving John Heartley, another strand of this compelling tale begins to unravel; and so the reader is drawn ever closer to the very special magic that resides at the core of this unusual story.
Price: £3 at meetings, or contact Tim on 01273 505642; or from Amazon.

Brighton Virtually copy

Brighton Virtually

Brighton NightWriters’ very first anthology, from 1998 !  And in spite of what it says here, I have one copy for sale !!  But first you have to find me.

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