15th May 2019 :
Congratulations to Pat Osborne for making it onto the shortlist of the prestigious Fish Publishing Poetry Competition, with Annie – her marvellously strong and moving poem about dementia, which we have heard at NightWriters. The competition attracted over 1,600 entries.


25th April 2019 :
Thanks to all who were able to make it to the launch of Kathie’s The Crystal Horse at the Royal Albion hotel on 25th April. I think all will agree that the evening went off really well, with plenty to enjoy in the way of Kathie’s readings, plus spoken word entertainment from Debbie and from Gus Watcham, and some really captivating music from Sweet and Lowdown (who are part of the Cascade charity, see or visit their Baker Street coffee shop).
Kathie featured on The Latest TV on 11th April, you can see the interview here.  She also appeared in the Brighton and Hove Independent – see the Brighton NightWriters facebook page, where you will find a clipping amongst the photos.

Photos by Jilliana Ranicar-Breese

Now, how about this for a commendation? Not only has Bob won £100 in the Koestler Trust 2018 Poetry contest, he also received the following letter from their reviewer :
“I was so moved by reading your ‘sonnets’ that even as I write this I am struggling to think of what to say that does justice to how beautiful they were. The way that you have used the sonnet form to express such moments of feeling, emotion, contemplation and memory in your life is truly powerful and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to have read these. You certainly have a way of articulating that gives the reader an easy access to visualise the meaning and essence of your poems”
You can read three of Bob’s sonnets here

Thanks to everyone who came along to our AGM and (belated) Xmas bash on Jan 9th – and a big special thanks to John, the Speakers’ Corner owner and chef extraordinaire, for laying on a magnificent feast of us. Chat, readings, wonderful food and great company – if only we could indulge ourselves like that every week (but then it wouldn’t be the same. Would it??)



28th October 2016

Thanks to all who came to the launch of Kathie’s fantasy novel The Secret of Tamsworth Forest at Brighton’s Synergy Centre on Thursday 20th October.  Well over £100 worth of books were sold, and Kathie was kept busy signing.   


Kathie Wilson

Two hours sped by, with readings interspersed by chat, canapés, wine, and songs from entertainer Simon.  A thoroughly enjoyable evening !    The Secret is available from Amazon HERE

20th October 2016
Kathie’s amazing fantasy novel “The Secret of Tamsworth Forest” is now in print !!  You can buy it from Amazon HERE  – but why not come to the OFFICIAL LAUNCH  for an evening of readings, entertainment, AND a chance to buy the book at bargain price !  
the downstairs bar of the Synergy Centre (West Street, opposite the Odeon)
8pm on Thursday 20th October 2016

24th March 2016
Extra-Special one-off meeting at the wacky, arty RENDEZVOUS  Café in Central Brighton on Thursday 24th March at 7.30pm.  Bring something different – an exercise for us to do; or a piece to read by another author; or some writing-related topic or object you want to discuss; or (why not?) something you’ve written yourself!

19th November 2015 :
The Launch of NIGHT FLIGHTS took place at the Redroaster in St. James St., where over 30 of us came together for an evening of readings, music, chat and of course book buying !   If you missed the occasion but would still like to buy your own copy – or some very presentable Xmas presents! – just turn up at a regular NightWriters meeting where Night Flights will be on sale at a generously discounted price.

October 2015 :
NIGHT FLIGHTS  – our bright, shiny new Anthology – is WITH US, and you can BUY YOUR OWN COPY at any NightWriters meeting on Wednesday nights.   – Reduced price for members (of course)  !!  An excellent Xmas Present !!

20th July 2015 :
 is the name of our new Anthology  – thanks to everyone who helped choose it and one of the 4 fantastic Cover Designs dreamt up by Phaedon and Jeff (thanks guys).  The finished product could be with us as soon as September …

7th June 2015 :  We are now back in the SOUTHOVER PUB (top of Southover Street)  – our usual venue.

7th June 2015 :  Please note, our new Anthology is now closed for submissions  – except for what to call it !  We need ideas for a title !!

4th March 2015NightWriters invites all members to submit work for publication in our new Anthology of Creative Writing.  Short stories, novel extracts, poems, plays … send them all in by May’s deadline (date to be announced).  For more details contact me (Tim Shelton-Jones) on 01273 505642 or email
NoteLAST DAY for submissions is Friday 15th MAY  !!


Older News :

First meeting of 2015 is on Wednesday 7th January 

AGM & Xmas do of Wed. 17th Dec 2014

The last meeting of 2014 saw our now-traditional mix of furrowed brows and festivity.  The AGM came first, with some really interesting ideas on new directions we might explore in 2015  – some Creative Writing workshops perhaps ?  There was also a report of the past year’s activities and current financial status.

And the festivities? You had to be there really.  Suffice it to say that everyone appeared well satisfied in body and spirit by the end of the evening.

Christmas & Christmas Break 2014

NightWriters Xmas do will be on Wednesday 17th December at the Islingword (né Beaufort) at about 8.00pm  – food, readings, gossip.  Bring something to read  – by another author (up to 3½ minutes long).
– Preceded by the AGM at 7.30pm (all welcome to attend).

Our usual break for Christmas and New Year will follow  – first meeting in 2015 will be Wednesday 7th January.

Rethreading My Life, book launch.

The launch of Alanna McIntyre’s moving memoir Rethreading My Life took place at 8pm on Thursday October 2nd 2014 in the Red Roaster coffee house (1d St. James’s St).  Admission free.   An evening of readings, dance and music was enjoyed by all.  Signed copies of the book were available at a generously discounted price.

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